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Seedball - Poppy Mix
A tin of seed balls bursting with beautiful native common poppy seeds (Papaver rhoeas). Each..
Seedball Bee Mix
A careful selection of native wildflower seeds that bees will just love! Our mix uses only species r..
Seedball Butterfly Mix
A heavenly selection of native wildflower seeds for butterflies! Using only wildflower species recom..
Seedball Cloud Meadow
Cloud Meadow is a selection of beautiful white-flowering native wildflowers that are all huge..
Seedball Forget-me-not seeds
A tin of seed balls bursting with native forget-me-not seeds (Myosotis arvensis), an annual wil..
Seedball Herb Mix
A collection of scrumptious cooking herbs - the perfect addition to a kitchen garden. ..
Seedball Oxeye Daisy Mix
Oxeye daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare) looks fabulous in gardens! It is a familiar and attractive grassl..
Seedball Salad Mix
A selection of lovely frilly salad!   A simple way to grow from seed. Clay ball (p..
Seedball Sky Meadow
A selection of beautiful blue-flowering native wildflowers that are also hugely beneficial to bees a..
Seedball Tea Mix
A collection of wildflower and herbal tea plants that taste great alone or as an infusion of fl..
Seedball Urban Meadow Mix
A beautiful mix of native wildflowers perfect for pollinators. This colourful combination of annuals..